jutta schmidt

her painting is an incessant quest
of authenticity and the absolute,
and conveys life with its force and fragility

The first technique she discovered and learned was oilpainting.
Then she felt the need to cope with the feeling of being all churned up inside and to express it more clearly, she turned her attention to black –and-white-drawing. The varied possibilities of expression in Indian inkdrawing fascinated her, its sobriety, rigour and the force of brushstroke, and gradually her style develops to austerity and thus becoming more and more personal.
In 1990 her long dormant passion for oilpainting is rekindled and it has imposed its power on her work ever since. She rediscovers the luminosity of these colours and the sensual pleasure in working with this matter. Mainly in abstraction she now finds the neccessary liberty for her imagination, but her leitmotiv, the human figure, remains underneath, always ready to turn up again. Her paintings suggest forms, evoke images, stir up emotions, provoke questions and ask for dialogue. They generate a stillness and space in which the viewer can install himself or wander around at will and where he is invited to continue the work of creation by means of his own emotions and dreams.

her favourite themes
Her painting expresses life, its power, its fractures, reveal time that lays bare or effaces.
She is searching for the invisible and the essential of life, for what has been moderated or faded or wiped out by time, trying to recall it to consciousness and to make it visible and palpable again.
Her paintings expose violence and emotions, flaws and fractures which she recreates to radiate them so that they can illuminate life itself. By dissolving all appearance she discloses the essential and the genuine, showing the imprint that life leaves on matter.

her technique
Through her individual stroke which is both, rigorous and unrestrained, through the successive impastopainting, and the craquelures, the striations and the scraped surfaces which structure the velvety shine of the colours, the areas of transparency and the glazes, she  –  in a new dimension  –  finds again and even reinforces the power of her drawing in painting.
website-image ich2born in Berlin, RFA
studies of métallography in Berlin
since 1969 living in France
studies in studios of several artists :  painting,  drawing,  aquarelle
College of Arts in Grenoble :  drawing (indian ink, pencil ...),  lavis
studies  of german langue et littérature, University of Grenoble : Agrégation of German
College of Arts in Grenoble :  oilpainting (Blanc-Brude),  engraving (Estèbe)
since 1974 regular exhibitions in France but also abroad  (Germany, USA, Japan …)
  • Français
  • English
  • German formal - Sie
  • Spanish  - Español Formal Neutro Usted


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